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Crypto almost changed my life

Crypto almost changed my life

A few months ago I got a health scare. Bowl cancer. Nothing major, doctor said it’s treatable and if I start chemo right away things were looking good. That’s when I joined this sub and invested all I had into eth. I figured I’d make some great gains for when I come out the other side. I’ll be honest I didn’t learn that much about crypto. But I was convinced by my friends who were all making money. Long story short I’ve made over 4K the past few months. Not a lot compared to a lot of you, but way more than I had. The biggest thing was this was an escape for me. Riding the waves with you guys, mainly the daily chat, absolutely losing our minds when ADA went to 1.45. It was a riot, and made me think about the future.

I figured if I keep this up then I’ll have life changing money. Maybe diversify into something else promising.

Today the doctor gave me the usual shpeal of 6-12 months if I’m lucky. I’m going for trial runs at the UK’s leading cancer research hospital starting next week. But its mostly for research to be honest. I don’t expect to be here too much longer. Instead ive left instructions to my family of how to access my crypto and how long to wait before cashing out. I’m also gonna ask my friend who’s good at this stuff to help my family with the timing (not selling in the middle of a bear run).

I’m pretty bullish on eth, hopefully in a few years they will be set for life. I’ll put some more in over the next few weeks.

Anyways, why am I telling you this? Life is short my dudes. It’s better to jump in on a risk early than wait till your time runs out. Money doesn’t follow you to the grave. Take your risk with no regrets and cherish your family and time <3

Edit: to the people asking questions here’s a bunch of answers.

When I wrote this last night it was late and I didn’t think many of you would care. We’ve had a lot of sob stories and I knew I’d be throwing another on the pile but I just wanted to vent. Can’t believe all the comments of support here today. Thanks guys, even you the guy who messaged me asking for $1000 haha

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